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Episode 8: Jasmin Kaur

In our season finale, we sat down with Jasmin Kaur as she took us on her journey of the determination and belief it took to become a book writer and author as a woman in power. Jasmin also shed light on what it meant to be highly looked up to and what is next for herself as an author.


Episode 7: Reema Aulakh

We sat down with Reema to discuss why she got into makeup and the long “unseen hours” she puts into perfecting her craft. Reema also talks about the journey of growing ReemakeStudio from the den of her house to now having a studio and an 8 person team. Additionally, Reema reflects on biggest challenges she faced on her journey and shares advice for up and coming makeup artists. Finally, Reema sheds light on what’s next for her and Reemake Studio.


Episode 6: Rahmaan Hameed

We sat down with Rahmaan to discuss how a serendipitous fashion show allowed him to discover that he could actually get paid for his artwork and creative skills, rather it just being a lifelong passion. Rahmaan shares some tips on relationship building and how he was able to leverage relationships to develop a high-profile clientele. Additionally, Rahmaan shares lessons he’s learned along the way, such as the importance of betting on yourself, and gives advice to up and coming artists.


Episode 5: Alina Jurca

We sat down with Alina to discuss how she got into tennis, the training and dedication required to compete at nationals from a young age. Additionally, we tap into her “championship mindset” which allowed her to persevere through tough times like injury, early losses and disappointment. Finally, we discuss the student-athlete lifestyle, why she chose the UofA over American universities and how she plans to make tennis more accessible at the grassroots level in the future.


Episode 4: Spontivly

Anthony and Raj are co-founders of spontivly, an Edmonton-based tech startup. Spontivly aims to combat social isolation and loneliness that many younger generations face today by revolutionizing the way people connect. Spontivly allows you to create or join a nearby activities spontaneously and connect with new individuals who share similar interests. Anthony Is a tech entrepreneur who recently left a 6-figure position to pursue Spontivly with co-founder Raj, an urban planning expert who moved from Toronto. Spontivly is partnering with universities such as University of Alberta (@ualberta), Macewan (@macewanu) and more, as they gear up for their launch soon. We sat down with them to discuss their journey as well their reason as to why to start up a tech based company in Edmonton.


Episode 3: Seerat Sohi

Seerat is currently “living the dream” as an NBA reporter for Yahoo Sports. She has covered teams like the Toronto Raptors and worked with players such as Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, DeMarcus Cousins to name a few. Seerat was born and raised in Edmonton. She attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a degree in political science. It was during her time at the U of A that she started to work on her craft and seriously pursue sports journalism as a career. Prior to being signed by Yahoo Sports, she freelanced as a sports writer for companies like ESPN and SBnation. Her dedication, sustained self-belief and witty takes have allowed her to grow a following of over 40,000 followers on Twitter. We sat down with Seerat to talk about her experience covering the Raptors surreal Championship run, how she got into sports journalism, the journey from freelancing to securing a full-time position, what its like being a woman in a male-dominated industry and much, much more!


Episode 2: OG Jonah

OG Jonah is an Edmonton based artist creating waves in the music industry. Since 2015, OG has put out 3 studio projects, 30+ singles and 20+ music videos. He has performed all across Canada and the USA doing shows with the likes of @lilmosey, @bhadbhabie and @wizkid to name a few. Perhaps even more impressive, he’s done all this independently and even established his own label: YEGMG. OG set up YEGMG to put on for the city and provide a network for up and coming artists. Join us as we go more in depth with his journey and also talk about what it takes to achieve this level of success


Episode 1: Apna Hockey with Lali Toor

In this podcast, we take a dive into Apna Hockey's founder, Lali's Toor's hockey career. Where he shares his struggles of being the only South Asian hockey player at the time. He also takes us through his own personal struggles of having to grow as a individual in order to become a successful 27 year old who now has offices in major area's such as Vancouver, Calgary, India etc. Today, Lali is living the entrepreneurship dream by doing what he loves to do; supporting upcoming, and talented young hockey players. This podcast documents the struggles he had growing up that he had to overcome in order to make Apna Hockey a reality, enjoy!


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