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Dreams to Reality

I want to share a gamechanging NEW YEAR ritual I have been following for the last 2 years taught to me by a top entrepreneurial mentor!

Its quite simple and takes very little time, implying the concepts of visualization and awareness.


On a piece of paper or computer, write down everything about your lifestyle 5 years from now and where you would be as your best self. Its important you don’t think too much and just treat it as sort of a brain dump. This could be anything. You want your answers to come naturally from within.


Leave the paper as it is and set an alarm or reminder for a week from that day.


After a week, come back to that paper, read it and create a detailed plan of the goals of every year in the buildup to that 5th year.


Review that paper the next new year and reflect on your journey to that year 5, taking insights and doing the exercise again.

This exercise was so amazing for me because I would sometimes think so hard to figure out what I want to achieve and feel and be. But subconsciously, I already had natural desires that I often neglected and did not acknowledge as seriously.

Being yourself is the easiest thing to do, knowing yourself, that is what life is about. I hope in the coming years you are all able to turn your dreams into a reality!

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