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Passion to Profit

Being good at something enables high quality results to be produced for customers - in a way that competitors have trouble beating. When we excel and work hard at something we inevitably become better at it. We develop expertise and specialisms. We innovate and create. Making constant improvements in work or business happens much easier when we enjoy and love what we do.

This cycle in the image enables many people to build successful businesses around their hobbies or passions. If you build a career or new business plans around a personal passion, or an activity or interest that you love, you will tend automatically to harness several vital elements for success:

  • you will work very hard and be determined and persistent

  • you will constantly improve your skills and knowledge, which will improve your product/service quality

  • you will have a smile on your face, and your enthusiasm will transfer to staff, customers, suppliers, supporters, etc

  • you will quickly build a strong reputation - especially for reliability and quality

  • you will treat mistakes and failures as lessons learned and challenges to be met - instead of obstacles and problems

  • you will keep up to date with trends, and you will increasingly lead new trends'

  • you will build competitive advantage - especially in quality, customer service and value

  • you will be efficient and so make profits easier

  • you will be happy in your work - which helps sustain success and life-balance.

Whether you want to start your own business, become self-employed, freelance, or prefer to be employed, the principles within this process still apply.

Be your own boss - give yourself opportunities, aims, a vision, and plan the steps to achieve what you want.

Making a lot of money is not always the main aim of people seeking a new career or to start a new business. Many people who start their own businesses or become self-employed want choice and independence - to be on control of their own decisions and future.

For many people, profit, and sometimes substantial reward, are the natural results of working hard doing something they love.

Turn your passion into profit by investing your time doing what you love!

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